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Ventilation Products

Ventilation products for conservatories. Conservatories can prove difficult to ventilate and they are renowned for their problems with condensation and the effects this moisture can have on interior furnishings.  The new LB ventilation products are highly efficient, cost effective and offer the following positive solutions and advantages for your conservatory:

  • Ventilation avoids health problems.  Poor air inside a conservatory can cause health problems such as coughing, headaches and colds. 
  • Ventilation avoids humidity problems.  Inside your conservatory this arises from breathing, cooking, heating and certain building materials.
  • Ventilation helps save energy costs.  Humid air is more difficult to heat than dry air therefore a well ventilated house can be heated a lot more efficiently.
  • Perfect ventilation means ventilation 24 hours a day.  Opening a window or roofvent for a while is not sufficient.  Research has shown that after a window has been closed for half an hour, the fresh air has disappeared.