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How To Find Your Roof Window Code


Roof window codes are important when it comes to purchasing accessories, such as flashings, blinds, poles and much more. The code helps us to identify which roof window you have in your home, and without it, we cannot say for definite whether the accessory you like would be suitable.

At LB Supplies, we like to make sure that the ordering process is as simple as possible for you, so we have created a little guide for you which will show you where you can find the code.

Velux Roof Window

The market leaders have been supplying roof windows for over 60 years, and since 1968, they have supplied codes on their roof window. Velux supply an array of products that you can use alongside your roof window and when purchasing these accessories, a window code is required to ensure that you are ordering the right item.

In order to locate your code, you will need to open your roof window. If it is a centre-pivot roof window, the bottom half of the sash will open outwards, whilst the top half will swing inwards. If possible, you would need to pull the top half of the sash down towards eye-height and look to your left hand side. Most Velux roof windows will have the Velux logo along with a range of codes. The code you need to take notice of will begin with the letter ‘G’.

If you have a top-hung roof window, open the window all the way out, so you can see the very top of the sash and again look to the left hand side to find the code. If this is not possible, the Velux top-hung roof windows can be altered. You can change these roof window so they pivot in the centre. This design is in place so you can clean the external pane without getting on the roof. You will be able to retrieve the code by doing this.

Please bare in mind that older roof windows may not work with some of the accessories that we supply, due to their age. We would advise speaking with a member of our sales team for advice.

Dakea Roof Window

Dakea roof windows have been available for a long time now, and with their 20 year manufacturer’s guarantee (registration required) and high quality products, they don’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon. Much like Velux, there is a wide range of accessories you can use in conjunction with your Dakea roof windows, which means it is always advised to take note of the code.

The process of locating the code is very much like Velux. If you have a centre-pivot roof window, open the window as you normally would, where the bottom half opens outwards and the top half swings inwards. Bring the top half of the sash to eye height and look to your right hand side. You will find the Dakea logo along with a number of codes. The important code in this case is the one that begins with the letter ‘K’.

However, there are two Dakea roof windows that do not have a centre-pivot mechanism. The hinges are located approximately a third of the way down from the top of the roof window are referred to as high-pivot roof windows. The process of obtaining the roof window code is similar to that of the centre-pivot roof windows.

Liteleader Roof Window

The Liteleader brand is exclusive to LB Supplies and was made available to customers in the Summer of 2016. In that time, it has become a popular brand amongst our customers, and because of this, a portion of said customers tend to need or want an accessory. Blinds and poles are very popular for customers who purchase Liteleader roof windows. But in order to ensure that the correct accessories are being purchased, we require that all important code.

All roof windows in the Liteleader range have the centre-pivot mechanism, so finding your code is very easy. Like the Dakea & Velux roof windows, open the window so that the bottom half of the sash opens outwards and the top half swings inwards. Pull the top half of the sash down to eye-height, you will find the code located on the left hand side. There are 3 different roof windows in the Liteleader range, so the code we require will either begin with the letter ‘A’ or ‘D’.

Aurora Roof Window

The Aurora roof window is one of our most popular products because of its unique blend of high quality and affordable pricing. Like the Liteleader roof windows, blinds and poles are the most popular accessory, but once again, we require the code to ensure that the correct product is being ordered.

There is only one Aurora roof window, so obtaining the code is often to assure that the correct size blind has been ordered, but we also need it to confirm if any of the poles are also suitable. The Aurora roof window has the centre-pivot mechanism, so the process is very much like the 3 previously mentioned roof windows. Simply open the roof window, so the bottom half of the sash is facing outwards whilst the top half is facing inwards. Lower the top of the sash down to eye-height and you will find a code that will begin with the letter ‘F’.

At LB Supplies, we are able to supply a wide range of accessories to suit all of our roof windows at fantastic prices. Want to buy an accessory for your roof window? Contact our friendly sales office at 01623 624500 with your code today.