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Velux Curved Glass Roof Windows Available At LB Supplies


Available as a fixed window or with electric opening, the Velux Curved Glass Roof Windows are the premium choice for homeowners with 0-15 degree pitched roofs. The innovatively designed curved glass top cover consists of 6mm scratch-free glazing with a glass-to-edge design that extends beyond the supporting frame, meaning a clear external pane is left for a better view.

Bordering that unit is a black underlying coating, which ensures a discrete visual connection to the roof. The unique design of the curved glass top cover provides optimal functionality, creates a simple and modern look inside and out along with a clear view.

The new curved glass roof windows feature a new technology called CurveTech – an innovative curve-shaped glass top cover that allows rainwater to simply drain off the surface, which means that these roof windows are even suitable for installation on to roof pitches with 0 degrees. This also allows for a natural flow of daylight to shine through without any raindrops getting in the way.

The Velux Curved Glass Roof Windows are available in 8 sizes and consists of a high insulation, PVC construction and integrated 2-layer low-energy pane. It also features excellent noise reduction in case of rain, hail or other exterior disturbances.

If you would like any further information regarding the new Velux Curved Glass Roof Windows, please call our friendly sales office at 01623 624500, who will be more than happy to help.